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March 4

Mice have a "flea stage" when they hop and dart around fast and are hard to catch.  I'm not sure if it's called the same thing in rats, but this is it. :-)  A couple are less jumpy/playful.  Einstein is pretty laid back.  Escher is very playful but doesn't run from my hand.  They are all just wired.  All of them are using the water bottle now.

I set up a play cage for the babies.  It will be a for them when they get a little bigger but not yet.  I want them to get used to barred cages and hammocks and wheels.  Just giving them a chance to stretch their legs.  It is made out of two Super Pet Rat Cages.

The pups had fun climbing all over, and Dash ran some in the wheel (don't worry, the wheel didn't hurt anyone; it is a good design).  They crawled around the big hammock (made out of old jeans).

They certainly LOOK big enough for the cage, but as far as rats are concerned, looks can be deceiving.  Rats can flatten their rib cages and squeeze through unlikely openings.  Euclid made short work of an escape, so they returned to the aquarium.  The wire cage will have to wait until another day...