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March 5

The babies are scruffy-looking.  I guess they have to get used to having fur...  They SMELL too.  It is a characteristic rat baby stink.  I'm not sure how to describe it, but it is different than adult rat urine smell.  All the litters I've known have been a little scruffy and smelly at this age.  I'll wait until they are older to give them a bath.

I'm letting them try a variety of foods.  Dash is quite relieved to be a step stool to the water fountain now and then (see above) rather than merely a food source.  They still nurse a lot, though.  As you can see below, the pups recognize foods and don't hesitate to taste things.  Food is one of a rat's greatest loves.

I don't have too awfully much else to say today.  Egon is sitting on my shoulder bruxing right now.  He's so cute.  This is the first time I've heard one of these pups brux (though a few tried before they had teeth).  Our little escape artist Euclid found out how to get on top of the igloo.  I guess I won't be leaving the lid off the aquarium much any more!  (You can almost see the mischief in his eyes!)

Tomorrow they will be three weeks old.  How they have grown...