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March 8
First of all, my batteries ran out in the middle of the photo session, so I have just a few, not-so-great pics today...

Poor Dash.  (I say that a lot...)  She is so thin and tired and her teats have taken a lot of abuse.  Luckily, the babies are becoming more of buddies to her than dependents, and she is getting a lot more time in the big cage with her friends.  She is so worn out.  I will have to work on getting her weight back on her.  (Odd that all the extra fat and protein she's gotten hasn't helped a lot.  I guess it just made the babies so much bigger and healthier.)

Erika and Exor have become particularly adept at escaping from the aquarium (when the lid is off).  They like to visit the adult males by crawling through the bars of their cage.  The big boys enjoy sniffing and following these new little curiosities.  I can't wait until the babies get big enough to move into the white wire cage.

They are looking more like "big" rats every day.  Egon has already established himself as "mommy's little boy."  He is always the first to run to me and climb on my hand.  He seems to be a really good bruxer, and we let him explore on our couch today (supervised of course!).  The others are also very affectionate and responsive, but the girls are going through that hyper/jumpy stage.  Erika has managed to be male-ish in her calm and fearless nature, but the other girls would rather stay together in a big pile, and if they walk around to get food or something, they travel in a group.

Without further ado, here are the cute pics of the pups at their antics: