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March 9

I got in touch with the three people who have pups reserved, so soon I may no which ones exactly have homes and which ones still need them.  Seven pups have forever homes waiting for them (well 5 and 2 staying with me), so four are still waiting for someone to take an interest.  (But they all have a home with me until that happens.)

The pups are big enough to stay in the cage now--well, sort of...  Edison managed an escape, but I fixed up the gap.

The wheel is mostly for Dash's Sake but the little ones run in it too.  I thought it would be too big for them to push, but they don't have any problems.  The only trouble arises when hey try to get out.  (They are getting the hang of jumping down.)

Here are more pics of them in the cage:

And some last pictures of them for today (look how big they are...):