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March 14

I'm still a little depressed today, but the babies are helping me.  Egon spent most of the day on my shoulder.  I don't think he likes my sister, but he likes me.  The others are doing good.  They are calming down a little.  I am making sure to "pester" them daily.  They are playing a bit with me and seeing my hand as a buddy rather than a big scary intruder.  I didn't get a lot of pics today, mostly babies climbing on the ceiling of their cage.

I spent most of the day asleep (which is how I deal with stress and depression), but I also spent a good deal of time with my big boys.  Daddy Aerik is doing fine, and of course, my other boys (and girls) are too.  I am going to clean their cages tomorrow.  It's all part of the ownership thing.  I figured I may as well mention it, because my responsibilities as an owner don't vanish when the babies are here.  (And it will give you an idea of what life is like in this place.  The babies, after all, can always smell and hear my other rats.  Actually it is really cute when I am petting and talking to my adult girls, the babies are reaching for my legs from their cage and squealing at me.)

Spring break begins today.  I'm staying here with my lovely creatures.  That is enough adventure and relaxation for me. :-)  I'll have the chance to get the cages all thoroughly cleaned and spend lots of one-on-one time with all my "kids."  (They become very attention needy when you have high numbers.)  Here's one last pic for today of the little ones enjoying a meal.  (A BIG meal.  Babies eat A LOT.)