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March 16

Yes, it's true, I slept a lot Saturday.  So did the "kids."  Don't think me lazy, though!  I fell asleep only after spending three hours cleaning cages, disinfecting cages, vacuuming,  putting clothes away, reorganizing things (some of my room was set up specifically for Mack), doing the neglected dishes (you know how exams can be...), and of course, holding and photographing babies.  I took plenty of pics with all intentions of updating, but I was fast asleep before I intended.  Seems to me, it was a perfectly respectable way to spend the first day of spring break...

I moved the cage onto my nightstand.  It is where Mack's aquarium was, and looking at the empty space was depressing.  They are also getting lots of very pleasant fresh spring air there.

The babies sleep a lot (with their hands balled up in little fists and their feet and whiskers twitching with dreams...). :-)  A couple of the girls are still in a jumpy stage, but I can pet them when they are sleeping.  Einstein seems to be awake and active a lot more than the others.

Dash spends most of her time in the big cage.  She visits the babies for nursing a few times a day.  So, the little ones are becoming more independent.  Eve also visited the big girls.  She even found and ran in the wheel.  Unfortunately, she can still squeeze through the bars and has a tendency to escape when she gets bored.